Initial Chiropractic Appointment

What to Expect During Your First Visit

During your initial visit at Vitalife Chiropractic, we will take a detailed and comprehensive view into the overall function of your nervous system.  We take lot of pride in this thorough evaluation process, because it allows us to obtain a great understanding of the current condition of your spine and the function of your nervous system.

The truth is that your nervous system (made up of your brain and spinal cord) controls and coordinates every single function in your body, all the way down to the workings of the tiniest cells.  When pressure or interference exists within the nervous system, it results in miscommunications between the brain and the body. 

Most people can relate to this dysfunction as pain, but it can also cause dysfunction in other bodily systems as detailed below.
The sensory portion of your nervous system (the red circle below, which transmits pain signals) only makes up a relatively small portion of your more than 78 trillion nerve fibers.

Our infrared thermal assessment measures thermal regulation and highlights areas of poor autonomic nerve regulation. 

Our neuroCORE (sEMG) analysis measures the tone along the muscles of the spine and gives us a very quick analysis of the function of the neuromuscular system. 

Live the life you’re meant to live. Live healthy, pain-free, and at your optimum health. Vitalife Chiropractic strives to make your life and our community prosperous and productive through proper chiropractic education and practice.  Read on for the steps that you can expect in your initial appointment with us.